Sunday, January 11, 2009

I finally have a spare minute and thought I would do a little update. Hard to believe the weekend is coming to an end. We had a fairly busy weekend. Friday night I was planning on starting to paint Hayley's bedroom but after 9 hours of work....I opted not to start it. That evening, the kiddos wanted me to play Wii Fit as well as Cooking Mama (they love to watch me play; not sure WHY?) Saturday morning...I was anticipating SNOW...but since we didn't get it, I took Hayley to the skating rink for a few hours in the morning. Brayden went with us, but he was not interested in trying to skate. Hayley had a great time skating with her friend Hannah. After returning home, I made an apple pie to take to my SIL's for dinner. It was a great evening with family, food, and football!!
Sunday I painted Hayley's room PINK. I started at 11 am and was not finished until about 7:00 pm. (UGHHHH) that was with two breaks for food. I watched the Eagles beat the Giants as I was painting thanks to my DH who put the TV in the hallway so I could see it. Hayley's room isn't completely finished since we have to put up either a border or chair molding where the two colors meet. I will post pictures when it is finished. But I would have to say that it looks VERY CUTE!!! I am just too tired and lazy to go up and snap a picture now! LOL Back to work tomorrow for a only a three day week!!

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