Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home on a Wednesday....

Well, today I am home with a cute little boy who happens to have PINK EYE. He is doing much better after only two doses of his antibiotic eye drops {although trying to get the drops in his eyes is like trying to wrestle with an alligator} but...I succeeded this morning and he is now WAY OVER IT! Since I am home this morning (without Hayley since Nanny came and took her to preschool) I decided to get a little head start on the cleaning. Brayden and I swept the whole house{him with his play vacuum cleaner...he LOVES to clean}

I am going to post a list of things to do over the next two days....since I will be home both today and Thursday {this is mostly so I can use the new strikethrough HTML that my friend Amy showed me how to do :)}

Fill out Hayley's Kindergarten registration papers
Fill out Brayden's Preschool registration papers
Laundry (2 loads done!!)
Pack for the mountains { we are supposed to go this weekend, hopefully everyone gets well}
Straighten up
Make dinner thanks to my SIL we have left over Veg beef soup *yummmmy*
Hayley to dance class tonight (7:30-8:15)
Hair cuts (scheduled for 8:30 am Thursday) unfortunately..I was up too late with a coughing kiddo that I had to cancel our haircuts d/t lack of sleep and having one HECK of a sinus headache
Grocery store (food for mnts.)

Hope everyone has a great day!!! Hopefully some more things get crossed off my list before the night ends!! I'm sure the last one will! :o)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A creative weekend..

On Saturday, I was able to get together with a few friends to scrapbook! It was such a great morning/afternoon spent doing what we love to do...being creative.... Thanks to {A} who invited us all over to her home to scrap in a relaxing environment {with no one yelling MOM!!} Also a big thank {A} for allowing us to look through her unwanted scrapping items. I know all of us ended up with "treasures!!" Here is a look at some of the pages I completed.....

Hayley's 4th Birthday Page
{The butterflies and purple flowers I "stole" for the trash pile"}

Hayley & Aleasia
The materials in this page were from a Stampin 'UP Simply Scrappin kit
Crew Kids Girls

Sunday evening...I decided to do another page of Hayley.
This was also done using the Stampin UP' Simply Scrapping Crew Kids Girls

Busy Morning...

My laundry helper...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The princess' room...

A few weeks ago, I started painting Hayley's room. Of course, she wanted it to be {PINK}. There are two different colors of pink and white chair molding dividing the two colors.

Hayley's Room

Window and Bookcase

I took an old Disney Princess calendar and made wall hangings to put on her walls. I think they turned out pretty good...She absolutely loved them...and that is all that matters! The picture to the right she colored herself and her Nanny framed it for her.

Her bed is the day bed Mandi & I used when we shared a room while growing up...Yeah, it is that old!! My bed was actually a trundle that fit underneath the is a closer look at her bed spread and walls.

Well, the next room to be painted will be Brayden's and he wants his room to be CARS .

I will hopefully be able to get this done within the next few months.....I of course will post pictures as soon as I get it done....but I wouldn't wait around holding your breath!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Recap of the Weekend....

The weekend started great after I won an auction on EBAY for a Cricut machine..(for those of you who are not scrapbookers...this is a Die Cut machine that makes a lot of different Fonts and Shapes) I got a GREAT deal on the it retails for $299.99 on the website...but I took it for just a little over $100.00 (Happy Birthday to me....3 months early). Scott then took us all out to Friendly's for dinner (only because Brayden had received a Friendly's Valentine from a school mate). Dinner went well...and then time for ice cream...but wait....the coupon did not start until Sat. February we got ice cream..and now we will just have to go back before March 21st :-)

On Saturday, Brayden and I took a trip to York to go to BJ's and then to Target to get a b-day gift for a 2-year-old friend of ours. Brayden picked out a PARENTS remote control car and an ELMO book. While at BJ's he saw the movie Madagascar 2 and asked if he could get it.....well, since it was VALENTINE'S DAY...I gave in (so now I had to get something for Hayley too...cause those of you that have more than one child know that to eliminate a complete breakdown...a "gift" for her was a must). So Brayden and I headed back to Hanover and went to the mall to find Hayley a Webkins....he picked out the Polar Bear...and then off to pick up lunch at McDonald's for everyone. Once home, and lunch was eaten, Brayden watched his movie and Hayley played on Webkins. Scott did some painting and I did some things around the house. For dinner we had Lasagna that I made on Wednesday (when I was home with a sick kiddo). I was a wonderful day with my husband and kiddos.

Sunday we were up early ...cleaned the house...and then got ready for a friend's two-year-old birthday party. It was a lot of fun...although at first the b-day boy didn't look like he was in a celebrating mood..but he started opening his gifts and then was a little more "in to" his party. We didn't get home until after 6PM...the kiddos got their PJ's on and had some popcorn...and watched a little TV until it was time to go to bed. I worked at my scrap table cutting an old Disney Princess calendar apart to make pictures to hang on Hayley's newly painted walls.....

Always busy weekends around the Marsh weekend is the same.

"All Day Scrap" on Saturday...until I leave for my niece's 18th B-Day party (where does the time go?? Scott is going to p/u a single bed from his Aunt's that we can use for Brayden's room when I am ready to get him out of the toddler bed....and Sunday we will hopefully get the playroom/family completely painted and carpet on the steps....gosh...I am tired already!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where in the world is the....Yellow Folder???

Who would have thought that a yellow folder could cause so much drama in one day! Let me explain. Hayley has a yellow folder that she decorated her first day of preschool. This yellow folder holds all papers that she brings home from school that she does that day as well as for us to put things in that need to be returned to school. Well, this morning this yellow folder went missing for just a few hours. Hayley was so upset in school (actually sobbing and practically hyperventilating) that that the director had to call Nanny (who was shopping at Kohl's with Mady) to see if she knew where the yellow folder could be. Of course, Nanny came to the rescue and knew where it probably was hiding out. Here, prior to class starting, Hayley had to use the restroom...she must have takent the folder out and laid it on the bathroom counter and never picking it up before they left. So, Miss Marsha came to the rescue and found the folder..quietly sitting on the bathroom sink....she returned it to Hayley and everything was wonderful in her world again.....UNTIL......early in the evening when said folder was again out on the counter but this time our kitchen counter.....when her brother accidentally spilled apple juice ALL OVER THE YELLOW FOLDER....ughhhh.

yellow juice stained

So.....Hayley will be getting a new folder to decorate....maybe this one we can get with a chip in it so we know where it is at all well as make sure it is waterproof!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nutzer Update

Brayden did very well last night...he did wake up two times; however, all I had to do was turn on his lullaby teddy bear and tuck him back in and there was no mention of the nutzer. He was so proud of himself in the morning when he told Nanny that he threw away his pacifier......He also threw out the nutzer Nanny had at her house. But....yeah there is always a but....after I started writing this blog and thought I had Brayden to sleep....he started crying and said he couldn't right now I am sitting on the couch watching Finding Nemo on Disney Channel hoping her will fall asleep....SOON!!! The good thing is...we are still nutzer free.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

End of the Nutzer????????

So, Brayden had his 3-year-old check up today. He did surprisingly well for the entire appointment. There was not a tear shed!! He weighs 30.9 lbs and is 37 1/2 inches tall...which is exactly in the 50th percentile (so I guess I can stop beating myself that he only eats about ten different things). The Dr. asked if he ate a variety of foods and of course the answer is NO! He told me it wasn't such a big deal and as long as he ate a lot of fruit and took a multivitamin...he would be fine. Of course, when he looked at his dental bite...he asked me if he was a "sucker"...well I said, "yes, he still is.. there is a nutzer at nap time and bedtime". The Dr. looked at Brayden and said that it was time to throw away the nutzer. *ughhhh* (the nutzer is Mommy's crutch!!) So once we got home and it was time to go down for his nap....I was thinking..uhmmm wonder what he will do? Well, he grabbed his nutzer and said, "Mommy, I am going to throw my nutzer away after my nap". **CRUTCH** He woke up two hours later...and VOILA!! he said, "Ok, now it is time to throw away my nutzer...I'm a big boy and I don't need it anymore". (Where did this boy come from ...did I bring the wrong one home from the Dr??) He came downstairs...with the nutzer in hand...and threw it in the bathroom trash...
OMG....Is this for real???? Well, it is now almost 8:30 pm...and I have just put Brayden to bed (hopefully for the entire night) without any hassle at all about the nutzer in the trash......who would have thought it would have been this easy????? (I'll update tomorrow...on how the night went) Did I mention that the Dr. also said it was time to get stern with the potty training??wonder if I can do that in a day too???