Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tonight, Hayley & Brayden played in the sprinkler. They had a great time!! Check out Brayden's new haircut too..(Daddy did it!) It was so nice to see them playing so nicely together...depending on the day, this can be rare!
Then we went in for bathes and bedtime!!!

L'il Madeline

Such a little miracle. My sister, Mandi, and her husband welcomed their first child into the world 7/30/08. She was a little early surprising her parents (and me at 1 AM when I got the first phone call). Mommy and baby are doing very well.Oh...and daddy is too.Here he is holding his little girl. The new little family will be going home tomorrow and Madeline will be introduced to her "puppy" Abby.

Nanny is so excited to have another granddaughter.... Brayden is still the only boy! My kids are so excited to meet their new little cousin! Seems like just yesterday Mandi told us she was expecting. GOOD JOB Guys!! She is adorable!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IT'S A..................


Madeline Delaney 7 lbs. 9 oz

Mom and baby are doing well!

Today is the day.....

that my sister is having her baby! Can't wait to find out if I have a new niece or nephew....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kids say the funniest things....

So, last night as Hayley and I are walking upstairs to go to bed, she looks at me as serious as can be and says, "Mom, when we build another new house, can you please put in an elevator? My legs hurt!!" How funny is that???

Hannah Montana 3-D concert!!

Yes...Hayley is so excited that this is on tomorrow! Her cousin is coming over to watch it with her. Nanny battled through the hoards of people at WalMart to make sure all her grandkids, and anyone else who wanted to partake in the special, had the needed 3-D glasses to view it! So Saturday afternoon, everyone is coming over for burgers and, Margaritas!!!, and wine....I don't think the adults will be too interested in the movie..huh?? Gives us a chance to all get together!! Who knows...maybe the 3-D glasses will be quite fun after we get a little alcohol in us! LOL....Here's to a fun weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why do weekends go so fast????

We started our weekend with picking up my niece, A, and the whole fam went to my Nana's house for a birthday pool party for my cousin Jordan's 13th birthday. A and Hayley swam ALL DAY...I believe they only got out to eat one time. It was a great day...our whole family was there and it was a lot of fun to get together with everyone and shoot the breeze. We did not leave until about 8:15...I dressed all the kids in PJs thinking maybe they would fall asleep on the way home. Well, my plan did not work to well. When we got home, all 3 of the kids watched Hannah Montana and ate popcorn....they didn't go to bed until 10PM...needless to say, Scott and I were not far behind! Sunday...I made waffles for the kid (homemade ones...not frozen) then I went to the grocery store...everything is getting so groceries added up to $40 just from getting produce and lunch meat...AHHHHHH!$135 later I left there. I also ran into my father-in-law while I was shopping...he had to get his weekly Cheerios and snacks! (He doesn't eat much...being a bachelor and all!) Then I put the groceries away..always a fun chore! Took A home...back to the house to put the kiddos down for a nap because they were just "horrible & cranky" Cleaned the fish tank...what a mess...all I wanted was a goldfish bowl...kiddos woke up..started dinner...ate dinner...then down to play Wii..What fun!! Then it downpoured, Scott and I thought we were going to lose the gazebo on the back porch but luckily the wind finally died down...more Wii...then icecream for the kids...and now bathes...and then to bed!! YEAH!!! But tomorrow will be Monday again....BLAHHHHHH

Friday, July 18, 2008


We finally got our own laptop with internet access!! Now we do not have to fight for computer time with our Scott & I will just have to duke it out!! LOL

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kid's Kingdom

Today I took the kids to Kid's Kingdom, a cute little park in South Hanover. The playgroup I am in was having a playdate there today. It was absoultely beautiful...although it did get a little too hot after being there about an hour. Hayley and Brayden enjoyed themselves. This is the first time I took Brayden and he actually played and went down the sliding board.

Afterwards, we met Nanny & Aleasia at Nanny's house for lunch. Ummm Chinese. We played Dominoes...and Hayley won!! Tonight we are planning on going to Uncle Steve & Aunt Lori's to go SWIMMING!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Day

This morning two of my coworkers who recently had babies (one is 2-weeks old and the other 4-weeks old) brought their cute little girls into the office to show them off. They were both just precious. It's hard to believe that my little ones are not so little anymore and are getting personalities all their own. On Tuesday evenings, I work late so my DH has them all night by himself. Well, last night he asked the kids what they wanted for dinner....cute little Hayley replies, "Mommy said that you were going to give us ice cream for dinner and then play Wii with us." Well, guess who fell for you can't guess what the kids had for dinner....Where does she learn this stuff from??

So back to the babies....we will soon have a little one again. My sister is due in about three weeks and we are patiently waiting the arrival of this new little bundle of joy...will it be a boy or a girl???? Can't wait to find out!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A day on the lake....

Today we went out on Scott's dad's pontoon boat out at Codorus. I was a little apprehensive at first since Brayden had not been on a boat since he was about 7 months old. I was not sure how he would do with having to wear a life vest since he does not like to have one on while we are swimming. Well, to my surprise, he did very well. We had a BEAUTIFUL afternoon. Of course, I forgot my camera and I could kick myself because I missed a lot of memorable photos!! Hayley and Brayden both took turns helping Pappy Dave steer the boat. We beached the boat back in a cove and went in the water (with life vests on...of course!!) Hayley was swimming like a fish and Brayden & I caught fish with a net. He had a blast playing in the water. Hayley then went fishing with a fishing rod and caught a fish with Pappy Dave's help, although she didn't want to touch it!!! We decided to take another ride around on the boat and as we were down by the dam...the sky became very dark. We hightailed it back to the dock..well as fast as a 20 mph boat motor allowed us. Scott, the kids, & I made it off just in time! Unfortunately, Pappy Dave and Sue got soaked pulling the boat back on the trailer. It poured!! On the 15 minute drive home, both kids fell asleep! They had a wonderful day and our looking forward to spending another afternoon on Pappy Dave's pontoon boat....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting ready for the 4th of July

Today is my normal day off and I am spending it with my children. Luckily, I have an extended 4-day weekend because of the holiday tomorrow. I have some housework to do and then I am taking the kids out to play. The kid's and I were on vacation last week at Ocean City, MD with my family. We had a wonderful time although it is not as "relaxing" as being down south at Sunset Beach, NC where we normally go but it was a vacation nontheless.

Tomorrow we are having a picnic with family poolside. We always have so much fun there and my kid's are FISH. I am planning the food and hope the weather cooperates.

I am new to this blogging thing....but am hoping I can continue to write all my thoughts.