Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smiley Day has been quite some time since I took a minute to blog something....Busy Busy Busy. Can you believe that tomorrow will be August and the "last" month of Summer Vacation for the kiddos....WOW The picture, oh yeah....forgot about that! This was Brayden's bowl of cereal this morning....he didn't try it (he tells me) had to take a picture in hopes that this is how our day goes today!!

Today, we will be celebrating my niece, Mady's, 2nd B-day!!! Time just flies by, I remember when she was born...seems like only yesterday. Looking forward to spending the day with family celebrating this little cutie pie!!

Well, that is all the time I have for this the middle of making pasta salad, cleaning up dishes, drinking my coffee, and nursing a cold, and...well you get the point....Busy Busy Busy!! Hope everyone has a GREAT Day!!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farmer's market goodies

Today since the rain washed out our plans to go to the Codorus Splash, I decided to go to our local Farmer's market. Know I have lived in Hanover and the surrounding area for, lets see, ahem 32 years....and today was my FIRST trip to the Farmer's market. Why did I wait so long you ask? Well, I am definitely not much of a "morning" person. Back when I was "younger" and "without kids" the thought of getting up @ 5:30 on a Saturday morning to go to the market was just not in the cards...especially since back in those days I probably wasn't going to bed until ahem 3:30/4:00 in the morning {Wow I DO NOT miss those days :0)} then came the babies...and that would just be silly to get up that early if the babies were still sleeping....a girl needs her beauty sleep. Well I the kiddos and I left for the Farmer's market at the crack of dawn 10:45 AM. When we arrived there was still a lot of people there. My main purchase was going to be peaches for Hayley, apples for Brayden, and Zinnias for me {thanks to the picture my friend Amy posted on FB!!} The kiddos had a great time looking around and helping me pick out veggies. They even got a pound of gummy worms for being so good. Here is a picture of my goodies:

Zinnias: $5
Clover: 3 bunches for $1
Apples: $2
Peaches: $3
Romaine lettuce: $1.50
Tomatoes: {2} @ $.50/each
Green Beans: $2
Gummy Worms: $1.98/pound

We will definitely go back again...and this time maybe a little earlier :) Wonder why it has taken me this long to get there???

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes.....

Earlier in the week while I was at work and my Mom was watching the kiddos, she texted me to tell me that the kids were BEGGING her to go outside (to preface in South Central PA it as been in the HIGH 90s since Monday). When she told them, "NO! It is too hot out.", Hayley replied, "Come on Nanny, it is ONLY 100 degrees, why can't we go out". Guess the stuff I posted about here, here, here, and here wouldn't feel to bad right about now....HUH???

Tonight I took the kiddos to the library to get their prizes from the Summer Reading Program as well as to take them to story time from 7-8. The story teller was VERY good and the kids had a great time interacting with the story as well as listening to her tell three stories based on the OCEAN. On our way there, one of our conversations went like this:

Hayley: "Mommy, when I go to first grade is recess going to be before or after lunch???"

Me: "More than likely after lunch."
*sighs* and thinks to herself I hope she is interested in more things during school than just recess*** LOL

{Brayden's question after Hayley asked about recess}

Brayden: "Mommy, how many pairs of shoes do I have to take to college?"

Me: "What????"


Me: " want to know how many pairs of shoes you should take to college?

Brayden: "YES!!"

Me: "Well, uhmm...I guess 3 pairs of shoes. Sneakers, dress shoes, and flip flops."

Brayden: "I don't have a pair of flip flops! You need to buy me a pair of flip flops. I need flip flops to go to college!!"

Me: "Buddy, you are only 4 and are only going to be starting your last year of preschool. We have a few years until you leave for college. But we will buy you a pair of flip flops."

Brayden: "OK"

Monday, July 5, 2010

The fastest week of the summer

Today was officially the last day of our vacation. We returned Saturday from a Wonderful Week at Ocean Isle, NC......why is it that the work weeks never go that fast?? Here are a few pics from our vacation:

The Beach House

View from the porch

OIB 2010

Beach Babe

It was a wonderful week with great company and we are all looking forward to doing it AGAIN soon!!

Yesterday was spent unpacking...what a chore!! I also went to the grocery store (what fun!). We had decided not to go to any fireworks since the kiddos were so EXHAUSTED from the long drive back on Saturday. So, since I missed the premier night of ECLIPSE, I did something I have NEVER done before....and went to the movies ALONE!!! It was absolute heaven....and the movie was great as well!

Today we spent the day out on Pappy Dave's boat....It was a gorgeous day!! We cruised, swam, went fishing...and Hayley and Brayden both drove the boat!!

Captain Brayden

Captain Hayley

You want me to touch what??

Daddy, can you get that off my fishing rod??

Hayley enjoyed the boat....Brayden, not so much.

My Little Fish!!

What a wonderful ending to our vacation......back to the ole grind tomorrow!!