Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another busy Thursday!!

Don't get me wrong...I love my Thursdays off....but they are always so full of things to do!!

* Vacuum
* Make Johnny Marzetti to take to Mandi's house for dinner............yummmmm
* Breakfast for kiddos
* Haircut for the kiddos @10AM

* Grocery store (this is becoming one of my least favorite chores to do!)
* Lunch for me and the kiddos
* Watch Mady in the afternoon
* Spend the evening with family : )
* Bath time for kiddos (and then bed time)
*GREY'S ANATOMY!! ( I am also really liking the new show My Life on Mars, if you haven't watched...check it out!)

I'm sure some other things will "pop up" to be done on Thursday too!! But I will get through it....I always do!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Recap of the weekend

This weekend went soooo fast! I had off work from Thursday until Sunday. Thursday, the kids had a play date with one of Hayley's preschool friends H. They had a great time playing together. And her Mom and I had a good time chatting while the kiddos played contently. Friday, I watched my niece Mady. The morning was a breeze! She slept from the time her daddy dropped her off until I took her into work to show her off at 9:30 am. Then back home with her and Brayden. Then it was time to feed her...well, that little girl likes her food and does not like to BURP! She really gets MAD!! I finally got her calmed down and then it was time to pick up Hayley at preschool and then off with the playgroup to The Hungry Parrot. (Yeah..I was being very brave taking three kids out by myself!!) Mady, again, was very good for the outing and didn't wake up ONCE!!! We ate our pizza and played a few games, then it was time to go home. Brayden went for a nap and then time to feed Mady again....same ole same ole...that little girl likes to EAT! Later that evening, we took Mady back to her mommy and daddy (after sitting in traffic in New Oxford for at least 25 minutes...not sure what was going on in that small town but traffic wasn't going very fast). We at dinner with them and then back to our house for bedtime. Saturday, we had a Fall Festival for the kiddos in the playgroup. Hayley and Brayden went as Mickey & Minnie....they were too cute!! All the kids had a great time! I am so glad that I found a great group of parents and kids to get together with!! Here are a few pics of Mickey and Minnie.

After the party, we stopped by Pappy Dave's then went home to make Homemade pizza. Hayley wasn't too sure about this. We have always ordered pizza when she saw me making the dough...she was a little confused! When the pizza was done she said, "Mommy, if I don't like it, can I have circle bread (PB&J)?" Of course, she liked the pizza and ate 4 slices! Brayden didn't eat any until Sunday at lunch...guess he wasn't hungry. On Sunday, I tackled the kids closets...change of the seasons...and trying to weed out all the clothes that are too small! I ended up with 2 boxes of girls clothes and a HUGE tote of boys winter clothes and a smaller bag of boys summer clothes. I was really glad that I was able to give the clothes away to friends at work that have little boys...and of course to my sister for 'lil Mady. So, it was a very productive weekend! Now back to on a new computer system and working the front desk for an entire week.....Hope my week goes as fast as my weekend went!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Opposites DAY....

Today is Opposites Day at Hayley's preschool.....this is what she looked like this morning!! She thought it was so cool that she was wearing two different shoes!!

Also today, we have baby Madeline. So far it is going well, she is still sleeping : ) After preschool, we are going to attempt an outing to HUNGRY PARROT with the playgroup. We are taking Mady back to mommy and daddy this evening....and having dinner there too! Hope our day goes well!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Schedule for Thursday,,,

Thursday is my day off, however, we always have plenty of things to do. Tomorrow is not any different:

~kids are up bright and early...time for breakfast
~shower, dress kids and myself
~clean around the house including laundry, vacuuming, empty dishwasher, make beds
~figure out what we're having for dinner
~go to the library ( I try to do this every other week...but at least make it there once a month)
~find Mickey Mouse ears for Hayley & Brayden's Halloween well as pants and a shirt for Brayden's costume.
~Brayden for a nap (hopefully 2 hrs!! : )
~activities with Hayley while Brayden sleeps (maybe read some library books)
~today I actual have a hair appointment at 4PM
~come home and eat dinner
~baths and playtime
~BEDTIME at 8pm for the kiddos!!
~an hour or so of alone time.....and then bedtime for me!

I'm sure there will be some more activities and chores that get added into this today...I enjoy my Thursdays is always such a BUSY day!! But well worth the time with my kiddos!!