Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guess who is 1????

Happy 1st Birthday, Madeline!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I have been an avid reader of this blog: MckMama needs everyone's prayers for her little boy. I cannot imagine what she is going through. Please keep her and Stellan in your thoughts and prayers!

Prayers for Stellan

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Li'l artists

It's a good night!
Kids are fed and bathed.
Fresh new haircuts.
Coloring pictures before they go to bed
in T minus 50 minutes and not counting
It's a good night!!

Random Post

Today the kiddos had a little treat and their older cousin, Aleasia, was here for the day. I saw MANY fashion shows/plays performed by the little munchkins. I made them pizza for lunch and many snacks as well. After lunch, they wanted in the little pool and have been there ever since isn't too hot here today nor is the sun "shining", but it is keeping them content as I am here on the laptop reorganizing all my pictures that Scott was thankfully able to retrieve before my laptop had to be completely rebooted! AGHHH...curse those viruses!

Here is an updated picture of the "wonderful" play set Scott made for the kiddos...those are 30-year shingles on the playhouse {don't think we will be replacing them}. Not a bad play set for us spending about $25 out of our pockets....all the other materials were given to us! :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!! Off to watch the kiddos in the pool {since I finally have all 1200 of my pictures reorganized....what a JOB!! }

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy's HandyWork

Scott has been busy building Hayley & Brayden
a new swing set. He is almost done with it....and
the best thing is built with all recycled wood
from another project and an old swing set from a
coworker of his. The kids just LOVE it. Hopefully
in the next week or so he will be able to finish the
"playhouse" by putting the roof on it....then
maybe this fall we can replant the grass since
obviously construction grade grass seed doesn't
grow very well without lots of topsoil!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Knoebels Grove 2009

This past holiday weekend, Scott and I took the kids to Knoebels Grove for the first time. Friends of ours had planned the trip earlier in the year, and I thought it would be fun to go along....and much to Scott's surprise....stay in a TENT (yeah...that's in a tent!! LOL) We left on Thursday evening...just in time for rush hour traffic...but after all the finger biting and a fast dinner at Mickey D's we made it to Lake Glory Campground (although at times I was not sure that Jimmy and his 5th Wheel trailer was going to make it down the cow path his GPS send us down). After we had are lodging accommodations set up for the next three days,
The Marsh Family Mansion

we sat by the campfire for a relaxing evening. The first night went very well except for me waking at 6:30 in the morning thinking it was 9AM because the sun was so bright!!!

On Friday, we took the kiddos to Knoebels Amusement Park. Our intentions were to go to the park for a the lunch the Angie and I took the time to pack...and stay for a little while longer...and then come back to eat dinner. Well, we got to the park around 11am....and at 9:45 PM we were back at the campground!! Our entire time there was wonderful despite the TWO torrential downpours we had to sit through (luckily under cover). The kids had so much fun riding on everything and anything.
There was a cute little Theatre that was having a showing at 5PM. Hayley wanted to watch it...but little did she know that she would be part of the show. She was so excited to go up and play one of the King's princesses, isn't she the cutest?? Brayden at one point fell asleep...and I didn't bring the stroller so I was carrying him around the park for just a short while since then a rainstorm blew in and then we decided to wait it out under a pavilion. Oh...and our lunches we packed...well let's just say are PB&J and ham sandwiches didn't have a chance with all the good "CHEAP" food they had there at the park! Although Angie and I did eat our ham sandwiches once we got back later that evening (well, we took the time to pack them didn't we!! LOL) I was a little concerned (due to the fact that it had rained extremely hard two times while we were gone) that I would return to a WET DAMP tent...but it honestly was not that bad....they must make tents much better than a few years ago.
On Saturday, the weather was much nicer and actually didn't look as though it was going to we packed up all the swimming stuff minus a PACKED LUNCH this time and headed to Crystal Pools. There they had a great Kiddie area and a HUGE pool....the kids enjoyed themselves swimming and snacking on food from the snack area. Hayley was so excited because they had a sliding board in the water that she could slide down and when she did, she went UNDER WATER with no TEARS!!

We got back to the campground and made dinner...and then smores...and then mountain pies....I bet I gained at least 10 lbs over the weekend (good thing I have ZUMBA class for the next 4 weeks!! LOL)
Sunday came way too fast!! We ate breakfast and then took a walk around Lake Glory..the kids had fun throwing rocks in the water and watching people fish and we took a few pictures.

After we ate our lunch...Scott, the kids, and I took what we thought was going to be a LONG trip back home...but 2 hrs later we were in our driveway...seemed like a hop, skip, and a jump...not like the trip down, which we thought would never end.

I extremely proud of ourselves that we took this little family vacation and "roughed" it for a few days. That night when we got home, Hayley didn't want to sleep in her own bed, she wanted me to set the tent up out in the yard..hmmmm maybe I have a little camper on my hands!! It is definitely something we would do again....but maybe next time, we will borrow my aunt's POP UP camper!!