Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Post

Today the kiddos had a little treat and their older cousin, Aleasia, was here for the day. I saw MANY fashion shows/plays performed by the little munchkins. I made them pizza for lunch and many snacks as well. After lunch, they wanted in the little pool and have been there ever since isn't too hot here today nor is the sun "shining", but it is keeping them content as I am here on the laptop reorganizing all my pictures that Scott was thankfully able to retrieve before my laptop had to be completely rebooted! AGHHH...curse those viruses!

Here is an updated picture of the "wonderful" play set Scott made for the kiddos...those are 30-year shingles on the playhouse {don't think we will be replacing them}. Not a bad play set for us spending about $25 out of our pockets....all the other materials were given to us! :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!! Off to watch the kiddos in the pool {since I finally have all 1200 of my pictures reorganized....what a JOB!! }

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