Friday, August 7, 2009


A conversation between Hayley and I yesterday while walking at the outlets school shopping:

Hayley: "Mommy, what am I going to learn in Kindergarten?"

Me: "Well, Hayley, you will learn how to read."

Hayley: "But I already know how to read."

Me: " You will learn how to write."

Hayley: "But I already know how to write."

Me: "Okay, well, you will learn math."

Hayley: "Mom, I already now how to count."

Me: "You will learn to meet new friends."

Hayley: {with attitude} "I ALREADY know how to meet new friends."

Me: "Hayley, I am not sure what you will learn...but your teacher will teach you!"

Wow...Mrs. Whitcomb is going to have her hands full with this one!!

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bnmarsh said...

Kids are so fun! I just love what they come up with.