Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hayley's 4th Dance Recital

This weekend was Hayley's Dance Recital. This is her 4th year dancing with The Dance Academy. She took Ballet I, Tap II, and Hula I this year as well as danced in the Daddy/Daughter dance to Little Miss Magic with her Daddy.

Hayley LOVES to dance and really enjoys being onstage. Although it is a hectic week with black rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and the actual is all worth it to see that smile on her face!

Hayley & I

Scott & Hayley

Hayley ready for Hula

Lil Tapper

Little Bunny

The production this year was Sleeping Beauty. Hayley was one of the little bunnies in the forest.

Now to enjoy the rest of the summer!! Can you guess what Hayley will be for Halloween this year??

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