Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bella Balloonza

Two weekends ago...poor Bella (our white boxer puppy that we got on June 3rd...but that's another post I should write) was digging in the back yard. Scott saw that she was digging lots of holes out by his shed, so he took some leftover vinyl fencing we had...and put it up around the area she was digging to stop this bad habit. About 30 minutes later, Hayley says to me, "Mom, what is all over Bella's belly?" Me: "Oh, honey, she was out digging so it is probably dirt." Hayley: "No Mom, they are red bumps. " With this, I go to investigate...and low and behold she was covered in hives. Then I look at her face and the whole right side of her face is swollen and red.....this dog is having an allergic reaction to SOMETHING!! More than likely she had dug up a bees nest in the ground...

I immediately gave her Benadryl and had her go in her crate to "rest". About an hour went by, and the swelling on her face just got worse!! I contacted our vet and left a message. I then started looking for the closest Emergency Vet....all the while thinking in my head, "Our first trip to and ED is going to be with our dog!!!"...Our wonderful vet called me back within 10 minutes. I explained to her what I thought had occurred. She advised me to give her another tsp. of Benadryl and call her in an hour with an update. If she wasn't any better, she would meet me at the office and give her an injection of prednisone. I did just that...and about 1 1/2 hours later...the swelling FINALLY subsided and she was back to looking like our cute little puppy again.

Bella all blown up!!

All cute again!!!

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