Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Schedule for Thursday,,,

Thursday is my day off, however, we always have plenty of things to do. Tomorrow is not any different:

~kids are up bright and early...time for breakfast
~shower, dress kids and myself
~clean around the house including laundry, vacuuming, empty dishwasher, make beds
~figure out what we're having for dinner
~go to the library ( I try to do this every other week...but at least make it there once a month)
~find Mickey Mouse ears for Hayley & Brayden's Halloween well as pants and a shirt for Brayden's costume.
~Brayden for a nap (hopefully 2 hrs!! : )
~activities with Hayley while Brayden sleeps (maybe read some library books)
~today I actual have a hair appointment at 4PM
~come home and eat dinner
~baths and playtime
~BEDTIME at 8pm for the kiddos!!
~an hour or so of alone time.....and then bedtime for me!

I'm sure there will be some more activities and chores that get added into this today...I enjoy my Thursdays is always such a BUSY day!! But well worth the time with my kiddos!!

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Ang said...

Sounds like a fun day off...oh how quick it goes though. Enjoy your day!