Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kitchen Tour

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Over at Kelly's Korner she started "show us where you live Friday's". This weeks tour was of Kitchens, I am a few days late but wanted to here it is!! We have been in our house since August 2007. We have not done anything to the kitchen yet, and thankfully so since we water damage last summer, which you can see in the third and fourth picture that shows my GREAT light above the bar area. The light is supposed to be a pot rack...but I just did not like my pots hanging I put baskets there.

This is actually where we eat all the time! We
only use our dining room table when we have
company...and yes that is a TV at the end of
the bar. LOL

This is the door to our basement, which my
husband finished...hopefully Kelly will do a
tour of Rec rooms/Family rooms!!

The dining room table that is hardly ever used!

The door out to the garage and the
kids coat and pack back area...oh and
Winnie's bone at the end of the hallway.
The doors to the left hide my washer
and dryer. The door to the right is the
coat closet. There is also a pantry right
beside the fridge, but I forgot to take a
picture of that.

Here is one bonus picture of the landscaping
that Scott and I did on Saturday. I took the
picture tonight and it has been raining ALL
day here in PA. I was unable to take a picture
of the other side, which has a beautiful purple
rhodendrum and another flower pot of annuals


The Morris Family said...

It all looks so clean and orderly!
I like the landscaping,one of favorite things to do too!!

shelby1232 said...

Very warm and inviting kitchen!!! I love your window treatment, where did you find it??

THanks and have a blessed day!!

Sandy said...

Thanks, for the tour! LOVE your kitchen window treatment!

jenn said...

Oh, I love your patio!! Very nice! Did you put the stones down yourself. We live in WV and it has rained a lot lately!!