Sunday, May 17, 2009

This weekend is going so fast...but don't they all? Friday night my niece A stayed over night with Hayley and Brayden. It was nice having her here since they kiddos adore her and followed her around like good little puppies. Sleeping that night was another story, but we all made it through..(although I had a headache in the morning like I had been drinking all night since I was up two time during the night getting the kiddos back to bed. I do believe the 4:45 in the morning; dressed and ready to just a little too early for ME! Good thing you forget those sleepless nights when you have a baby! Then Nanny came to p/u Brayden and Uncle Jake came by and got A and Hayley. The kiddos were spending the night and Scott and I were heading to a wedding of a family friend. The wedding was beautiful and the Happy couple was leaving that evening on a flight to Disney World!! We were home early (around 8PM) and sat on the back porch with good friends just talking and listening to the rain on the canopy. This morning I am enjoying the quietness of the house and should be doing some things around here besides sitting and blogging (LOL) Scott is at work and the kiddos are still at their sleepovers. We have my niece A's B-day party this afternoon at 1PM. YUMM YUMMM...Lena's Spaghetti!

The rest of the week is going to be a blur!!:
Monday: Work and odds and ends
Tuesday: Work (leaving early!!), Brayden's 2-year-old class graduation, Hayley dance class (luckily Aunt Lori and Uncle Steve are taking her there)
Wednesday: Work, Hayley's Preschool graduation (she will be staring Kindergarten next year *sob sob*), Hayley tap class
Thursday: NO work!! But need to get ready for the cabin for the weekend and then I am having a Stampin' UP party at 6:30 PM
Friday: I'm not sure if I am not working or working half a day....will still have things to get ready to go away for the long weekend....and may just take the whole day off
Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Off to the cabin. Hopefully we can do some fun things with the kiddos and the weather is somewhat cooperative!!
Hope everyone has a great week!!

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