Sunday, June 28, 2009

A trip to The Maryland Zoo

On Thursday, we took the kiddos to The Maryland Zoo. My Mom, Mandi, Aleasia, Hayley, Brayden, Madeline, and I all piled into my minivan and off to Baltimore we went. The ride down was fairly uneventful...until we were in the right lane when the Zoo was to our left...but after a "legal" U Turn...we were back on track. The Maryland Zoo is very shaded, which was great since it was a HOT SUNNY day. All the kiddos enjoyed themselves so much....and the sad thing is my kiddos have never been to the Zoo before (and I have been wanting to take Hayley there since she was Mady's age...guess 4 1/2 years later isn't bad...huh!! LOL) Here are a few pics from our day at the Zoo.

The Crew before we headed into the Zoo

Hayley & Aleasia on the lily pads

Hayley, Brayden, and Aleasia on the Turtle

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