Sunday, June 14, 2009

**Updated Brayden's CARS Room Pictures**

Today my WONDERFUL mother came over and put up Brayden's border in his room. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Can you believe that my Mom and I picked out the curtains 2 years ago when we moved in not knowing what "theme" Brayden's room would be. They compliment the walls PERFECTLY!!

The bench Scott had made about 10 years ago as a trim bench for him to use at work. He was going to throw it out a few weeks ago and I snatched it up, painted it, and it will be a great place to "hide" things once I get some navy blue and red storage bins to put in it.

I want to get him a CARS light for on his dresser and possibly change the drawer pulls

Brayden all smiles sitting in his new CARS room, although he wanted to sleep in his sister's room again tonight since he has been sleeping in there since last Sunday!!

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Angie said...

Mel, this turned out great! So cute! What would we do without our mothers?