Sunday, September 27, 2009

its been awhile.....

It has been quite awhile since I updated my blog...just been really busy and haven't had time to post anything...besides, I am also reading the Twilight Series...and any extra time I have is spent with my nose in a book! Seriously...they are very good...and I cannot wait to see New Moon on 11/21/09 when the Playgroup I am a member of goes to see it for MNO!!! This past week, I had off and was home with my kiddos since my Mom and Dad took a well deserved vacation of their own. The kids really missed her {as did I} especially when last Monday I had to take Hayley, Brayden, and Mady to the pediatrician's since Hayley was complaining of an ear ache...and low and behold, she had an ear infection!! She is feeling much better now...but still has four days of antibiotics to take!

The rest of the week flew by fairly fast...and I have decided that I get a lot more done when I do work during the week since I have such a routine of what gets done when during my work week...I kinda just felt out of sorts. Friday night we surprised the kids and took them to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs....they LOVED it...I thought it was OK...but didn't think that it was worth the $26 it cost us to see it {but actually what movie ever would be...except possibly New Moon {he he he}....but the kiddos liked it and that is all that mattered. We then went to Lowe's for Scott to look at some supplies for a job he has to do..while he was looking I took Brayden over and started looking at paint colors for the living room...I wasn't planning on painting the living room....but Saturday morning I woke up with the itch. So I sent Scott back to Lowe's to get the paint...and then we painted and painted and painted...until we ran out of paint
with only a 1/4 of a wall left to paint!! AGHHH...

so I sent him back to Lowe's for more paint...and then it was done {Thank goodness} It looks WONDERFUL!!

We are very pleased with how the color turned out; however, the color looks a lot like the color of our basement...oh are some pictures {especially for my Nana who gave us the red couch that looks absolutely gorgeous with the new pillows and wall color...Thanks Nana!!}

I just love it!!

Winnie had to be in the picture too!!

View to the dining room

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