Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marsh family happenings...

So, for the past few weeks I have been very bad keeping up with this blog!! I am either having some type of writers block...or just not enough "excitement" in my life to blog about!! Over the past three weeks here is a synopsis of what has happened in the Marsh household!!

*painted the bathroom last week and Scott tiled looks sooo nice

*Brayden had preschool pictures taken on Tuesday {yes, in a shirt that had to have a character on it. So, Woody and Buzz Lightyear it was!!

*Chaperoned a field trip with the Kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch. I had a great time and actually had 5 very cooperative 5 year olds....

TWilight saga
*Oh...I read ALL FOUR Twilight Series books {in three weeks :) }....and I have gone to the DARK SIDE!! I am sooooo TEAM Edward.....and my heart skips a beat every time I see a shiny silver Volvo {he he he} I am counting down the days until November 21st when some girls from our playgroup go to see the movie!!!! Now I have to be reading a book at all times...I have finished two since finishing the Twlight books...and am currently reading My Sister's Keeper..

*scheduled family pictures for last weekend to be taken outside...which then ended up being a WASH OUT for most of the weekend (rained from Thursday to early Sunday morning)...well wouldn't you know that after I canceled the pictures {since I had 13 people and 4 families to coordinate with....the sun actually came out in PA and about 4pm would have been a PERFECT time a we have rescheduled for Nov. 1st...and hopefully..

a) there will still be leaves on the trees

b) It is NOT raining!!

*Last Saturday we celebrated my grandfather's 75th birthday!! What a great time....and sooooo much food. I am so blessed to have all of my grandparents around to watch my kiddos grow....


*Saturday night...we hung out in my brother's "redneck basement" as he calls it. It is really cute....just doesn't have dry wall on the walls...but they have it very homey!! We then played Rock Band...and I was so tickled to hear Hayley and A sing 70 & 80s songs.....oh, and I REALLY like playing the guitar!!

*Yesterday was Our 14th Wedding anniversary!! has really been that long {actually we have been together for 17 years...but who is counting???} He has been out of town since Sunday night...and we are looking forward to him returning today!!

*Hayley has her first School Pictures today!! She is soooo excited....we are also supposed to go to the Park @ 9:45 {so I better get off of here soon}....and then drop Brayden off @ preschool...Hayley to the bus stop...and then I will have my niece M for a little this afternoon while my Mom goes for her mammogram.....fingers are crossed that it all comes back within normal limits!!!

Alright...well I better go get some stuff done if I am going to make it to the park by 9:45 and back by 11 to feed the kiddos lunch...and then back out by 11:45 to take Brayden to preschool...and then back home to get Hayley on the bus by 12:30...and then home to make an apple pie for my Stampin UP party tonight....going going going....busy busy busy...but love it!!

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