Sunday, December 13, 2009


So here it annual holiday how much they have grown. It is hard to believe that Hayley is now 6, in Kindergarten, loving dance, and is turning into such a sweet little girl. and Brayden is almost 4, in Preschool, he is not in any extra curricular activities YET....., and has his very own difficult strong and trying at times personality!!

December 2006-2009


S.J.Roth said...

is something wrong with your type that it displays in different sizes, or is that something new to do?
Love the pics timeline?

Melissa said...

I did that...I have read other blogs and the authors use different fonts...I thought it looked neat. and yes it is a pics timeline...but why do you have a question mark behind it?

Christine:) said...

Hi! I just found your blog and your family is so cute- love the Christmas outfits:)
I read that you do MT work? I am an RMT and have yet to find any "real" leads on work for new grads...I'd love your input or advice if you're willing to give it- thanks so much and it's great to meet you:)