Sunday, June 13, 2010

T-ball and Dance Recital

This week has been a whirlwind at the Marsh household!!
**Monday - Brayden T-Ball
**Tuesday - Hayley dance
**Wednesday - Hayley Black rehearsal for dance recital on Saturday
**Thursday - Brayden T-Ball
**Friday - Dress Rehearsal
**Saturday - The Dance Academy 3rd Dance Recital
**Sunday - Graduation picnic for my cousin Leah (cannot believe she has graduated high school)

Wow...just retyping the weeks events made me tired!! The week didn't start out too great...after Brayden's T-ball game on Monday night...we went to McDonald's for dinner since it was a fundraiser for the baseball league...after eating most of his chicken nuggets...Brayden decided to vomit ALL over the table we were eating at. What a MESS...we made it through that, got the kiddos home, put them to bed. In the morning, Brayden was complaining of a sore throat and a headache. Since Hayley just was diagnosed with Strep about 4 days earlier in the week, I didn't hesitate to call and schedule him an appointment. I was NOT surprised when his rapid strep test rapidly became positive. {I want my children to share...but sharing strep germs is not my idea of good sharing} So, this is why he decided to vomit at dinner the night before...since this seems to be the only symptom my kiddos develop when they get a strep infection! Here are a few pics of Brayden in his T-ball attire.

The rest of the week went fairly flawlessly until about 40 minutes prior to having to get Hayley to the school for her dance recital. For some reason right around this time all H*LL broke loose....she had a belly ache and she honestly had me scared that we were not going to be able to "Go on with the show" so to say!! The poor thing couldn't get off of the toilet..but within 20 minutes all was well with the world again...and my little trooper was ready to go dance. {Thank goodness cause I had A LOT of money invested in this recital} She danced her heart out and had a great time playing with her other dance friends and watching some of the show..I cannot believe that this is her 3rd year are a few pictures from the performance night. Unfortunately I most not have been in the "picture taking" mood since I really do not have very many at all!!

Hayley & Daddy

"Shake"/Kinderdance II

"Caterpillar Crawl"/Tap II

Nanny & Hayley ********* Grand Nana & Hayley

Hayley & I

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