Thursday, June 3, 2010

Very wordy!!! :)

Wow, it has been quite some time that I have actually wrote down what has been happening in our busy lives!! So I am going to do a little bare with me! :)

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend....we had a great time Friday night when we went to the Revolutions Game and had great seats in the sky box. It was fairly bittersweet however, since the last game we went to last July, Dr. Lanpher was still with hard to believe that it will almost be one year since he passed away...he is truly missed!! So, back to the game....the kiddos love to play in the little play area they have with a Merry Go Round and a Bounce House. My Nana and Tickey came along with us, and bought the kiddos their dinner, which was of course chicken nuggets and french fries (who doesn't go to a game to have hot dogs and beer chicken nuggets and fries??? It was a beautiful evening and to top it off...they actually won a game!! Think it was the first time I have been to a game that they won in the past 4 years...but who is counting.

On Saturday, we went to my Brother and SIL for a picnic..always a good time there....great food and well as s'mores and marshmallows over the fire pit...yum yum. Sunday, we bought some flower to plant on the back patio and got out the kiddos swimming pool I bought last year for $5 at the end of the year ***SCORE***. I made sure the kiddos were lubed up with sunscreen but forgot myself....can you say "OUCH"?? My back and shoulders are still red from I won't forget again this summer!! :) In the evening we went to visit friends who were camping at Mountain Creek...this is such a quaint little campground and we were then able to go on a hayride around the campground which was a lot of fun to for the kids. There were tons of kids for mine to play with...and they had a ball...maybe someday, we can get a camper and do some camping...but for right now...I enjoy my luxuries of home just a little too much...Monday, we just had a very impromptu picnic with Scott's Mom, step dad, and his brother and wife...It was nice to see them and talk although we had to move the party inside due to it being so STINKING hot outside...whewww and to think we were just complaining about 3 months ago because we had soooooo much snow.

This week is Hayley's last week of Kindergarten..unfortunately for her, she hasn't been there one day this week......hoping for tomorrow, which will be her last day of school. On Tuesday, when my Mom took Hayley to the bus stop, she got sick so she stayed home...repeated that same thing on I took her to the doctor and wanted her swabbed for strep. Whenever Hayley gets strep, she never complains of a sore throat, just vomits...anyway, her rapid strep came back I was hoping that she would go to school today (Thursday)...we low and behold at about 10 AM this morning the Drs. office called me to tell me....she had STREP!!!! I KNEW IT!!! So, she started an antibiotic...and we will try again tomorrow since by the time she goes to school in the afternoon, she will have three doses in her and should be fine to go to school....I actually took her teacher's gift to school today along with an doctors excuse for the past three day plus tomorrow if that just doesn't pan out...this is the 4th time she has had strep this "season" November, March, April, and June...of course, until she has it 6 times in a "season" she is not considered a 'chronic' case...which could possibly mean tonsillectomy....but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Keep your fingers crossed that she makes it to school tomorrow.

I have been walking with my neighbor on the other side of the development a few nights a week....We didn't know each other except for on is so nice to walk around and talk with her.

This weekend...the boys are going to the it is just a GIRLS weekend at our house!! It will be nice to spend some one on one time with my Hay Hay...Saturday Winnie goes to the groomers...but after that, Hayley and I are going SHOPPING!!!! Hoping to get to the Gettysburg Outlets and who knows what else...looking forward to it!!

Well, now that I have totally bored you with the goings on here at the Marsh household...Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Hope to post more frequent entries!! Today, I looked back over some blog entries I did when I first started and it was wonderful reading over what was going on in our lives almost TWO years ago....Wow time FLIES!!!!

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Christine:) said...

Fun update! I hope your daughter feels better....have a wonderful summer:)