Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why do weekends go so fast????

We started our weekend with picking up my niece, A, and the whole fam went to my Nana's house for a birthday pool party for my cousin Jordan's 13th birthday. A and Hayley swam ALL DAY...I believe they only got out to eat one time. It was a great day...our whole family was there and it was a lot of fun to get together with everyone and shoot the breeze. We did not leave until about 8:15...I dressed all the kids in PJs thinking maybe they would fall asleep on the way home. Well, my plan did not work to well. When we got home, all 3 of the kids watched Hannah Montana and ate popcorn....they didn't go to bed until 10PM...needless to say, Scott and I were not far behind! Sunday...I made waffles for the kid (homemade ones...not frozen) then I went to the grocery store...everything is getting so groceries added up to $40 just from getting produce and lunch meat...AHHHHHH!$135 later I left there. I also ran into my father-in-law while I was shopping...he had to get his weekly Cheerios and snacks! (He doesn't eat much...being a bachelor and all!) Then I put the groceries away..always a fun chore! Took A home...back to the house to put the kiddos down for a nap because they were just "horrible & cranky" Cleaned the fish tank...what a mess...all I wanted was a goldfish bowl...kiddos woke up..started dinner...ate dinner...then down to play Wii..What fun!! Then it downpoured, Scott and I thought we were going to lose the gazebo on the back porch but luckily the wind finally died down...more Wii...then icecream for the kids...and now bathes...and then to bed!! YEAH!!! But tomorrow will be Monday again....BLAHHHHHH

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