Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Day

This morning two of my coworkers who recently had babies (one is 2-weeks old and the other 4-weeks old) brought their cute little girls into the office to show them off. They were both just precious. It's hard to believe that my little ones are not so little anymore and are getting personalities all their own. On Tuesday evenings, I work late so my DH has them all night by himself. Well, last night he asked the kids what they wanted for dinner....cute little Hayley replies, "Mommy said that you were going to give us ice cream for dinner and then play Wii with us." Well, guess who fell for you can't guess what the kids had for dinner....Where does she learn this stuff from??

So back to the babies....we will soon have a little one again. My sister is due in about three weeks and we are patiently waiting the arrival of this new little bundle of joy...will it be a boy or a girl???? Can't wait to find out!!

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