Thursday, August 7, 2008

L-town Carnival 2008

On Wednesday night, we took the kids to the "Littlestown Interstate Fair" (as my husband calls it).
Nanny, Pop Pop, Aleasia, Hayley, Brayden, Scott, and I all ventured out for a night of carnival excitement. This was the first year Brayden was old enough to get on some rides. The kids had a lot of fun...especially after Aunt Lori showed up and got on some of the rides with them. One of their favorites was the big slide (that I of course didn't get any pics of !) Then Scott was determined to win a goldfish for our aquarium...after spending his $2 and not getting one, he decided to quit since he could buy one at the pet store for less than that. Well, Uncle Steve decided to take a try and he won one fish...then threw his next ball and it landed in the "Choice" cup, which meant 5 small fish, one larger fish, or a stuffed fish....Well, we now have two more fish in our tank thanks to Steve.
Then Aleasia and Hayley talked me into getting on the Scrambler...let's just say, I'm not as young as I used to be...and going in circles does weird things to your stomach...
To end the night Aleasia and Lori got on the WipeOut..Aleasia had a blast...and I am sure Lori did too! It was a great night!

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