Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekends just fly by!

Our weekend started out with all of us going to see Mandi, Rodney, & Madeline on Friday night. Hayley and Brayden were all excited to go to see their new cousin. They both just stood and stared at her while she slept. Mady slept most of the time and we had a great evening with everyone and did not leave until 10PM...of course, that is when Mady decided to wake up..

Hopefully Mandi and Rodney didn't have a long night!

Saturday we worked around the house a bit. Later in the afternoon, we went to Angie and Jimmy's house. The kids had a blast playing outside......until the thunderstorms rolled in. It hailed for at least 10 minutes..the kids thought it was snowing and wanted to go outside and play in it. Hayley, Brayden, Hannah, & Cody all played together. Little Cody is just starting to walk and was trying to keep up with the bigger kids. We had another late night and the kids were ready for bed when we got home. Sunday was more of the same! Painted basement doors....and the bookshelf (I definitely know I don't want to paint for a living! LOL) ...laundry...dishes....dinner....bathes...and soon to be BEDTIME!! Weekends always go so fast...but it is always a lot of fun spending it with family & friends!!

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