Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Wow...my work day is finally over. I worked today from 7:45 am until 8:30 pm...what a long day!! Scott had to go into work tonight as soon as I got home, so I am actually sitting here with nothing to do..and it feels wonderful! The kiddos are sleeping (thanks to bribing from me and their father. Hayley has been giving him a time putting her to bed before I get home on Tuesday nights so I told her this morning she would have a surprise if she went to bed but she would have to wait until Thursday) Lori and I are taking the kids to Dutch Wonderland on Thursday...and they have no idea!!! I am really excited and I am hoping that Brayden enjoys it more this year than he did last year...he was only 19 months old at the time..I'm keeping my finger crossed....I will add that thanks to Steve...we are getting the tickets for a little less than at the park since he has an in at the AAA....THANKS STEVE!!! Well, I better get back to watching the Olympics! Can't wait to post DW pictures!!

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S.J.Roth said...

My "in" is a $100 a year membership..LOL

Your welcome