Monday, February 9, 2009

Where in the world is the....Yellow Folder???

Who would have thought that a yellow folder could cause so much drama in one day! Let me explain. Hayley has a yellow folder that she decorated her first day of preschool. This yellow folder holds all papers that she brings home from school that she does that day as well as for us to put things in that need to be returned to school. Well, this morning this yellow folder went missing for just a few hours. Hayley was so upset in school (actually sobbing and practically hyperventilating) that that the director had to call Nanny (who was shopping at Kohl's with Mady) to see if she knew where the yellow folder could be. Of course, Nanny came to the rescue and knew where it probably was hiding out. Here, prior to class starting, Hayley had to use the restroom...she must have takent the folder out and laid it on the bathroom counter and never picking it up before they left. So, Miss Marsha came to the rescue and found the folder..quietly sitting on the bathroom sink....she returned it to Hayley and everything was wonderful in her world again.....UNTIL......early in the evening when said folder was again out on the counter but this time our kitchen counter.....when her brother accidentally spilled apple juice ALL OVER THE YELLOW FOLDER....ughhhh.

yellow juice stained

So.....Hayley will be getting a new folder to decorate....maybe this one we can get with a chip in it so we know where it is at all well as make sure it is waterproof!!

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