Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home on a Wednesday....

Well, today I am home with a cute little boy who happens to have PINK EYE. He is doing much better after only two doses of his antibiotic eye drops {although trying to get the drops in his eyes is like trying to wrestle with an alligator} but...I succeeded this morning and he is now WAY OVER IT! Since I am home this morning (without Hayley since Nanny came and took her to preschool) I decided to get a little head start on the cleaning. Brayden and I swept the whole house{him with his play vacuum cleaner...he LOVES to clean}

I am going to post a list of things to do over the next two days....since I will be home both today and Thursday {this is mostly so I can use the new strikethrough HTML that my friend Amy showed me how to do :)}

Fill out Hayley's Kindergarten registration papers
Fill out Brayden's Preschool registration papers
Laundry (2 loads done!!)
Pack for the mountains { we are supposed to go this weekend, hopefully everyone gets well}
Straighten up
Make dinner thanks to my SIL we have left over Veg beef soup *yummmmy*
Hayley to dance class tonight (7:30-8:15)
Hair cuts (scheduled for 8:30 am Thursday) unfortunately..I was up too late with a coughing kiddo that I had to cancel our haircuts d/t lack of sleep and having one HECK of a sinus headache
Grocery store (food for mnts.)

Hope everyone has a great day!!! Hopefully some more things get crossed off my list before the night ends!! I'm sure the last one will! :o)

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Ang said...

Good job with the strike through! I just hope you actually had a chance to play with the Cricut b/c it's not crossed off!