Thursday, February 5, 2009

End of the Nutzer????????

So, Brayden had his 3-year-old check up today. He did surprisingly well for the entire appointment. There was not a tear shed!! He weighs 30.9 lbs and is 37 1/2 inches tall...which is exactly in the 50th percentile (so I guess I can stop beating myself that he only eats about ten different things). The Dr. asked if he ate a variety of foods and of course the answer is NO! He told me it wasn't such a big deal and as long as he ate a lot of fruit and took a multivitamin...he would be fine. Of course, when he looked at his dental bite...he asked me if he was a "sucker"...well I said, "yes, he still is.. there is a nutzer at nap time and bedtime". The Dr. looked at Brayden and said that it was time to throw away the nutzer. *ughhhh* (the nutzer is Mommy's crutch!!) So once we got home and it was time to go down for his nap....I was thinking..uhmmm wonder what he will do? Well, he grabbed his nutzer and said, "Mommy, I am going to throw my nutzer away after my nap". **CRUTCH** He woke up two hours later...and VOILA!! he said, "Ok, now it is time to throw away my nutzer...I'm a big boy and I don't need it anymore". (Where did this boy come from ...did I bring the wrong one home from the Dr??) He came downstairs...with the nutzer in hand...and threw it in the bathroom trash...
OMG....Is this for real???? Well, it is now almost 8:30 pm...and I have just put Brayden to bed (hopefully for the entire night) without any hassle at all about the nutzer in the trash......who would have thought it would have been this easy????? (I'll update tomorrow...on how the night went) Did I mention that the Dr. also said it was time to get stern with the potty training??wonder if I can do that in a day too???

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Anonymous said...

Go Brayden go! Your mom had him tell me he threw them away at her house and I made sure to play it up that WOW only BIG boys do that...had him give me high five, etc etc. How'd bedtime go?