Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gaining an hour....and losing another tooth!

Something missing??
Early Saturday morning....Hayley yelled, "my tooth fell out!!". This is the 3rd tooth she has lost since turning 5!! She has lost both of her bottom teeth and now one of her top teeth. Her tooth was loose (she informed me of this about 2 weeks ago when her second bottom tooth fell out). So Saturday morning, while she was playing on the lap top, her and Brayden most have had a little spat...and WHACK Brayden hit her in the mouth (accidentally I am sure!) I happened to be outfront with Scott at the time who was rotating the tires on his truck ...I honestly was only out there 5 minutes when the hoopla occur ed. We put the tooth in a safe place (for the Toothfairy) and then it was back to business as usual. I was awoken this morning to a sobbing Hayley by my bedside...I asked her what was wrong and she said the Toothfairy didn't come.....OMG, it had totally slipped my mind! I quickly told her that it was late when we informed the Toothfairy that her tooth fell out. The Toothfairy had informed me that she had a busy schedule that evening and she would try to fit Hayley in...but if not at night, she would fly in early in the morning. (pheww....) The Toothfairy did make an appearance later in the morning and left her $1.50 for her tooth. (it was the least she could do after forgetting her during the night *tisk *tisk)

Last night I was able to play around with my Cricut machine. My new cartridge (Paper Doll Dress UP) arrived on Friday. So finally at around 7:15 pm, I was able to sit down to do some crafting. I first finished a birthday card I was making for Hayley and Brayden's third cousins 4th birthday. I was very pleased with the card.....and here it is!!

Front Inside

I also played around with the PaperDoll dress goal is to make PaperDolls for Hayley. My friend A and I are going to plan a day to do this...I am very excited about this. The cartridge is simply amazing at all the clothes and dolls you can make.

After "Springing Forward" on Saturday morning felt so rushed. We didn't get up until 9:15 (which to us was really 8:15). The kids had breakfast and then I started working on Hayley's Kindergarten Registration papers. An hour of filling out papers (which was basically rewriting everything about 100 10 times). Then it was time for bathes and then off to the birthday party. The kids enjoyed themselves and seeing what the birthday boy got (which was a lot of Superman an Power Rangers stuff) Then we went to Texas Roadhouse to have dinner with Pappy Dave. Brayden fell asleep and Hayley wasn't very hungry (probably didn't have anything to do with the two slices of pizza she at and cake and ice cream). Hayley enjoyed the balloon elephant that was made for her at the restaurant and Brayden got a giraffe. Tomorrow is back to work and then to register Hayley for Kindergarten......Where has the time gone?????

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