Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cabin Days

This weekend we took the 2hr trip to our cabin close to Raystown....and yes, it is still VERRYY COLD there!! Just Nanny, Pop Pop, and the four of us went up. It was a nice weekend...although; Hayley ended up laying on the couch ALL weekend with a horrible cough and fever....aghhhhhh. I though that Brayden would be the one who would be sick...oh and Scott too, who was put on an antibiotic for strep throat on Friday before he left to go to the mountains...Brayden ended up being OK health wise, but a little devil otherwise!! (I thought he would be out of the terrible twos....but I actually think the trying threes are MUCH WORSE!!)

Can you believe that we even took the Wii along to the cabin!!! and OMG did we have fun!! I actually have a sore arm from playing bowling....can you believe that I didn't even set foot outside the whole weekend except to bring the luggage in Friday night and then today when we packed back up...again it was VERRYY COLD!! ( I am patiently waiting for SPRING)

After returning home and unpacking totally too much stuff that was taken along for only two days, we had dinner (fish and mac and cheese that Scott made) and gave the kiddos bathes... than my Mom called to tell me that after they drove the 2hrs back from the cabin, she realized that they had forgotten some things....and now my Dad was driving back to pick up the stuff and driving back home tonight.....CRAZY...I should definitely be in bed know since my sleep this weekend was very scarce with one sick kiddo...and one NEEDY three year old....

Ready...Set....GO....for one crazy busy week!!

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Ang said...

Sorry to hear Hayley was sick :(
I thought you had yourself "broke in" with the Wii?!! No, i'm sure i would be sore too..remember i could hardly walk when we first got ours.