Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend in review

Hard to believe the weekend is all but OVER. We had a fairly busy weekend. Friday night, we actually didn't have anything to do. The kids were able to go outside and play for awhile since it was actually nice and not raining. Our neighbors got a new puppy (a pug named GIZMO). Since part of their fence fell down a few weeks ago after horrendous wind storms, they have not been able to let him out and run. So Doug brought Gizmo over as well as their two other dogs, Lily and Buddy....well all the dogs, including our Winnie, ran around and played. Brayden said to me, "Mommy, can we keep him??" (meaning Gizmo) and without any hesitation I said NO!! I know, mean mommy...the thought of a puppy makes me cringe..and besides Scott and I like just having one dog to contend with for now.

Saturday after Scott made us all waffles, I ventured out to Kohl's and to the grocery store (not one of my favorite things to do Kohl's yeah..but groceries NO!!) When I returned a few hours later {since Scott stayed with the kids and I got to do it solo}, I finished my pizza dough that was in my bread maker and started getting toppings together for my own homemade pizza. Hayley loves my pizza...but Brayden would much rather order from our favorite Pizza Shop! :) My friend Toni was coming over with her little girl who is Brayden's age. It was nice to catch up with her. The kiddos were ready for bed around 7:45 and I didn't hesitate to get them there. I spend the rest of the evening scrap booking (which resulted in only two pages that took me two hours but I was well worth it.

Sunday we had an Easter party to go to for the kiddos. Brayden wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the Easter bunny so his big sister had to go get his "GIFT". Hayley got sidewalk chalk and Brayden got a bucket of bubbles {hopefully the rain stops so they can get outside to use this!}...oh and they also got a BUNCH of candy too.

Then it was off to a 5-year-old birthday party. It was a great day {despite the HAIL storm we had, this is the second time we have been at the Showman house when there was a hail storm} Weekends always go so fast.........

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