Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas lights...ballerina turkey??....and Shrek

Today I had all intentions of putting up the Christmas decorations; however, I was not quite in the "mood". We have very busy weekends coming up and I am just not sure when I will find the time to do more than likely, we will "squeeze" it in next weekend between "Cookie Day 2008" and taking Hayley roller skating with Hannah on Sunday. Hopefully, I will be more into the Christmas spirit next weekend!! Scott did put up all the outside lights...and they look really good.

So, what to do?? I planned on making a big dinner with a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and that is in the oven right now. I also made a carrot cake..but I told the kids that is was a "wacky cake" so they would at least try it...knowing carrots were in the cake, neither of my kids would even try it. I went to use the cream cheese frosting in the pantry, and it was "best used by 04/19/08" went to my trusty cookbook to find out how to make the frosting myself. Can you believe I had all the ingredients except I only had about 1 cup of powdered sugar and I needed 4 cups. I had to get out of my pjs and go to the store (by the way, it was 12:45...I was a little lazy today). Now with the cream cheese frosting made Hayley informs me that she needs to "dress a turkey" for school. Here are some pics from our crafting this afternoon. Hayley decided to dress her turkey as a Ballerina(who would have guessed??)

cutting & glueing

The finished Ballerina turkey

Then the kids decided to dress up....Hayley as a "flower princess" and Brayden as Shrek

I can't believe the weekend is over again already!


Ang said...

I have to say i had no idea where this story was going...but how cute! I was wondering how you were going to fit all those plans into one day. For a split second i thought about getting my x-mas stuff out but changed my mind just as quickly! BTW, great job on the Christmas cards!

S.J.Roth said...

Christmas lights?? Its not even Thanksgiving yet. We will soon have to refer to you guys as a division of Walmart, they began putting theirs up after Labor Day.