Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hayes Christmas Cookies 2008

Nana, Aleasia, Hayley, Mandi, Brayden, and I

Today Nanny, Nana, Mandi, and I made the infamous Hayes Christmas cookies...sand tarts. These are cookies that you have to acquire a taste for and actually not many of our significant others actually enjoy the cookies, but we all enjoy the tradition and the time together (and for the record, all the girls do like them). A sand tart is a thin cookie topped with black walnuts, if you are not a black walnut fan...then you are not going to enjoy these cookies. We started around 10AM and finished around 2:30 and baked approximately 700 cookies....Nope...I didn't use one too many zeros! It was really 700 cookies. So, what do we do with that many cookies...well, everyone gets their own tin and my Nana does give some out for gifts. The sand tart is much better after it has "aged" so this is why we make them so early. My mom has been helping my Nana make these cookies for 38 years...and my Nana inherited the making of cookies from her grandmother-in-law. This year was the first year we made them at my Mom's house...and things went fairly well. Aleasia, Hayley, and Brayden wanted to help...but only stayed interested for about a whole 5 minutes...although Hayley did come back and help later in the afterno

Madeline also came along for the cookied baking.....and Nana did a great job keeping her occupied, although she is such a good long as she is fed...she is pretty much satisfied.

Mady enjoyed an afternoon nap with her grandnana!! How SWEET!!!

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