Saturday, November 15, 2008


SATURDAY...The day started with Angie and her two kids coming over to go to StoryTime at the Reader's Cafe on Broadway. This us such a quaint little Cafe/ is such a wonderful little place *and they have good coffee too! : ) After story time, we went through Wendy's drive thru for a quick lunch. Then Angie and I were determined to get some scrapbooking/card making done...even with four kids running amuck in the basement with us. I would have to say that the kiddos were on their best behavior for the most part, even with Cody and Brayden not getting their normal afternoon nap. Angie got a few pages of Cody's scrapbook done, and I started my Christamas cards (I had cut all of the paper two evenings earlier while watching Grey's) I really enjoy being "creative" and think that my cards turned out very well. Although most of you that read my blog will be getting your very own once they get mailed out...I decided I wanted to post a picture of it here.....So, without further ado, here it is!!

Marsh Christmas Card 2008

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