Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st

Wow....November 1st...and it was 60 degrees today! Ummmm...not that I am complaining. I am definitely not looking forward to gloves and heavy coats or even that dreaded SNOW!! Today was a fun day! Mandi, Jane, and Mady came up for the day and we started Mady's scrapbook. Mandi just needed a little push in the right direction and voila...she is a scrapbooking Mama!! I wish I would have thought to take pictures today and post them on here...but I didn't so there won't be any pics :( We scrapped from about 10:30 until 3:30 with an hour break for lunch and to print some pics. Thank goodness for Grandma Jane who kept Mady well as my two kids. Later in the afternoon, the whole gang of us went to AC Moore to get some more scrapping materials (now I know why I like to go without KIDS!!) but because Grandma Jane was so generous...we made it out of there with only a few stares at Brayden who definitely had the terrible twos today! Mandi is all set now...and has plenty of supplies to keep her for her to just find the time...and energy.

Tomorrow, we are going to a picnic at a coworkers dairy farm. The kids are all excited to go. Here is a conversation we had this morning!

Me: Tomorrow we are going to the dairy farm for a picnic. We will get to see where milk comes from.
Hayley: Wow..I didn't know we were going there. I can't wait to see the cows!
Brayden: Girl cows make milk??
Hayley: No Brayden, boy cows make milk.
Me: No, Hayley boy cows do not make milk, girl cows do.
Hayley: Oh....then what do the boy cows do? **only my 5-year-old : )
Me: ?!****?? Well.....*sigh*...boy cows make babies. ***I was at loss for words...didn't know what to I was HONEST
Hayley: Are we going to see the boy cows make babies???....
Me: Guess what...Aunt Mandi is coming over today with Mady...(DIVERSION worked!!) LOL

Now I am off to watch CSI on Demand.....I'll let you know about the dairy farm...*tisk *tisk !

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Anonymous said...

*snort* Oh my goodness. That conversation. You opened the door right up for that one, didn't ya? LOL. I can just see you trying to come up with an answer to those questions.