Thursday, January 28, 2010

repost of the princess room

I am reposting this entry from February 2009 to participate in


A few weeks ago, I started painting Hayley's room. Of course, she wanted it to be {PINK}. There are two different colors of pink and white chair molding dividing the two colors.

Hayley's Room

Window and Bookcase

I took an old Disney Princess calendar and made wall hangings to put on her walls. I think they turned out pretty good...She absolutely loved them...and that is all that matters! The picture to the right she colored herself and her Nanny framed it for her.

Her bed is the day bed Mandi & I used when we shared a room while growing up...Yeah, it is that old!! My bed was actually a trundle that fit underneath the is a closer look at her bed spread and walls.

Well, the next room to be painted will be Brayden's and he wants his room to be CARS .

I will hopefully be able to get this done within the next few months.....I of course will post pictures as soon as I get it done....but I wouldn't wait around holding your breath!!

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Christine:) said...

Oh wow, they do have matching rooms! The curtains are gorgoeus! Thanks for linking up:)