Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A trip to the doctors office................

Saturday was Brayden's b-day party (post to come with pics soon)...and we had MANY people and other kiddos running through the house. Yesterday, our neighbor (who was at the party with his two kiddos) came to the front door and handed my husband a six pack of beer and said,

Neighbor. "I'm Sorry!"

Scott: "For what?"

Neighbor: "Well, E went to the Dr today and he has strep!!"

Scott: Oh, I see...That explains it.

Well, on Sunday, Hayley was complaining of a cough and a sore throat…but I thought the sore throat was more than likely coming from her forced cough. So…today we took both kiddos to the doctor due have them checked out…since we knew they had more than likely been exposed to strep. Hayley saw Dr. V first. The **note** as we were leaving for the Doctors office Hayley says, “Mom, we forgot to brush our teeth after breakfast”. I said, “well, just remember to do so when you get home”. So…back to the appointment. Dr. V looks at Hayley's throat and says (mind you the child had a Hot Fudge Sundae PopTart for breakfast) and said to me:

Dr. V: "Looks like Hayley is starting to get a cavity. Have you been to the dentist lately?"

Me: Yes, we were just there 2 weeks ago and they didn't say anything." Ohhhhhh...noooo...I think that is just her PopTart from this morning...she told me she forgot to brush her teeth!!

Dr. V: "Ok...yeah, it does look like breakfast." (ha ha ha)

Then we find out that Hayley's rapid strep came back negative...so they will send it to the lab and will call us in the next two days if it becomes positive...so Hayley only has the "classic cold"...nothing more.

Well, then we get to Brayden, who has had a cough for the past 2 1/2 weeks but I didn't bother to schedule an appointment for him since he has a cough due to his allergies just about all the time. Dr. V looks in his nose.....yucky stuff in there....Dr. V listens to his chest.....he is rattling!!! Aghhhhhh...Well, Brayden has a sinus infection and bronchitis......so I get Mother of the Year since the only reason I took both kiddos to the doctor today was because Hayley was complaining of a sore throat and the neighbor boy had strep!!!

But at least...now Brayden has an antibiotic...and will hopefully get better within the next two days!

Oh...and then my sister calls to tell me my little niece also has strep!!! When is it going to spring?????

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Nicole Marsh said...

We have been to the doctor alot lately and have had strep several times. It must be going around. Most of the time I go to the doctor it is because I think one things is wrong and they tell me it something else, oh well!